Custom Orders

We are so excited to work with you on your Custom piece, please read through this so you know what to expect throughout the process. 
Fill out the message box below with the following details. Very Important!
-Type of item you want with metal preference (brass, silver or gold) 
-Budget (What you are looking to spend)
-Describe what you are looking for (Add links to pieces that are similar)
-Any additional questions you may have
This will automatically add you to our waitlist. In some cases we may ask some additional questions, but otherwise you will hear from us at the time you are scheduled. We do have a 1-3 month wait at any given time. If your custom is time sensitive we will do our best to accommodate. 
When it is time for you to be scheduled, you will receive an email letting you know about your scheduling window, along with any additional questions we may have. You will have up to 5 business days to reply to keep your spot. 
Next we will send over the invoice for the estimate, a 50% deposit is required to move forward.
Again, we are so excited to work with you and if you have any questions at all you are always more than welcome to contact us via email through this page.